Scammer sells Blender

From Blender Nation:

With the success of projects, and publishing all the exciting Blender releases, we’re now being challenged by third parties who like to ride the waves and do business with Blender.

There’s nothing wrong with that. In its very nature, GNU GPL is about freedom, the freedom not only to use and modify the sources, but also to distribute and resell our releases under another brand name.

Recently we received several concerned emails and forum postings from people who were worried about Blender resellers using especially Ebay to sell Blender.

In this case, the products 3DMagix and IllusionMage are just rebranded Blender material, sold at a price with lots of wrong info. And even more, they use copyrighted images with no authorization, including pictures like a render of a Final Fantasy X character!

And helping here as it's asked in the Blender Nation article:

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